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The best place to talk on Facebook is a cool new page, Breakpoint @AlternateHistory. There are always posts up about Beatles things and you can post your own as well. Please come by and comment, like and join in.

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Tweet the Beatles. Beatles talk from the author of Once There Was a Way: What if The Beatles Stayed Together? Bryce Zabel curates the best Beatles tweets out there, and writes original material about the book, the break-up anniversary, and all things Beatles.

Tweet The Beatles


Honestly, I'm not looking for work and you're not looking to hire me so whether LinkedIn is necessary or not, who knows? Here's my profile for what it's worth.


We're very proud of the supporting music video that was made in support of Once There Was a Way. You can find it here on this site under the "Video" tab, and you can also see it featured alongside may of our other interesting videos at the Dubstones video site.