Remember These Beatles Vintage Records?

Last Words (1974)


"I've actually owned two copies of Last Words. My girlfriend took my first copy when we split, so I bought it again and practically wore the grooves off that one, too. I remember what a big deal it was that they recorded this after what almost happened to Lennon and the whole thing in Seattle.

I bought it again on CD in the 80s, and now I've got it uploaded to the Cloud. And, get this, I bought the 40th anniversary edition on vinyl when it came out. So, how much do I like it? Like that."

~~ Patrick K. Baldwin, New York, New York

Art by Pablo Lobato, Album by Lynda Karr, Effect by Nate Gualtieri

And the Band Plays On (1970)


"I remember that Band Plays On was the first of the Beatles albums I bought at college. It was insane, really, because these guys talked like they hated each other, then they made this phenomenal vintage records style album that blew me away. My friends all thought Everest was better but, for me, it was always Band Plays On. Period."

~~ Gail Honeycutt, El Paso, Texas

Art by Lynda Karr, Effect by Nate Gualtieri

Imagine Another Day (1972)


"Imagine Another Day is absolutely the best use of vinyl since Rubber Soul even if it's just as jarring sometimes as A Doll's House. It's like no other album anyone has ever made. It's that good. I don't know how they pulled it off with Nixon's FBI doing what it did to them all. Maybe they got inspired when Hunter Thompson showed up, but I don't question magic."

~~ Peter Washington, Los Angeles, California

Art by Lynda Karr, Effect by Nate Gualtieri