Artists We Love (and Why)

Lynda Karr


Southern California graphic design artist Lynda Karr is the heart and soul of the early work done when the project was first called "Across the (Other) Universe." She did a magnificent run of future album covers that the book speculates were recorded by The Beatles between 1970 and 1975.
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Kit Foster

3D Book Cover of Beatles alternate history novel

Kit has done the covers for both Dimension books in the Breakpoint series -- Surrounded By Enemies and Once There Was a Way. Always bold by being clean and simple.
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Pablo Lobato


Illustrator Pablo Lobato has developed a compelling artistic style from his Argentinian home base, and touched The Beatles with its uniquenessl. We are proud to have built one of the future Beatles albums around his art, "Last Word," with the album being designed by Lynda Karr.
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Georgina Flood


Georgina Flood is a self taught graphite portrait artist from Dublin, Ireland. She loves 60s music and The Beatles and she has done some work that really gives life to the four men who might have still been The Beatles had they chosen to work it out during the early 1970s.
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Nate Gualtieri


Nate created this exploding universe meets gunshot splatter logo for the Breakpoint book series. He's also the man who took the incredible Beatles albums artwork and graphics from Lynda Karr and massaged them into a set of aged albums, artifacts from another universe.

Carrie Mills


Carrie likes to find people's character while casually drawing them, often very quickly, even at a fundraising dinner. We said, hey, do you want to draw The Beatles. She sent this!